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Mobile Shower & Laundry Trucks

Think about how great warm shower and clean clothes makes you feel. Oregon Harbor of Hope is bringing showers, washers and dryers to the people who need them most with two 30-foot-long box trailers retrofitted with five private showers and eight washers and dryers.  


Shower Schedule:

    • For schedule and contact information, please call Cultivate Initiatives at (503) 477-9742 and ask for Sandra Fairbank.

Provide Hygiene

Safe Harbors, including the Navigation Center

OHOH is committed to developing “safe harbor” centers and resources. An example is the now-in-development Navigation Center. This temporary shelter provides short-term residency with the goal of helping people transition to the next step in care, capability and self-help.

The Navigation Center was made possible by a generous gift from Portland philanthropists and business leaders Tim and Mary Boyle. It will be operated in partnership with Transitions Projects, Inc., the city, county, state agencies, and many nonprofit and faith-based groups.


Home Share

Home Share Oregon is now its own 501c3!  Oregon Harbor of Hope is happy to have incubated and spun out this amazing program.  The mission of Home Share Oregon is to prevent housing instability, foreclosure, and homelessness through home sharing. Home Share Oregon will provide roommate matching based on compatibility and preferences, rental listing service, lease generator and rent payment processing, secure messaging and background screens, and free homeowners and renters insurance to those who quality ensuring everyone feels safe.

Join us today, and sign up. Help increase access to affordable housing, one spare bedroom at a time!

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