The Navigation Center

What are Navigation Centers?

The Navigation Center is a temporary, low-barrier shelter offering intensive case management to help people living on the streets stabilize their lives, access essential support services, and secure housing.

Already in use in several west coast cities, the navigation center approach is specifically designed to serve people who have been reluctant to access shelter and related services.

The center will operate according to rules designed to help each guest and to fit well within a neighborhood of talented volunteers and responsive organizations.

Who will the Navigation Center serve?

The Navigation Center will serve up to 120 adults experiencing homelessness, with priority for people 55 and older, those with disabilities, and veterans.

How will people secure a space?

Since the Navigation Center is not a drop-in program, there will be no lining up outside the site. All guests must either secure a reservation in advance or be referred into the program by a recognized partner agency.

How long will people be allowed to stay at the Navigation Center?

Guests will be allowed to stay at the center while they receive necessary social services to help them prepare to transition into permanent housing. The length of stay will vary according the individual needs of guests.

How will the Navigation Center handle drug and alcohol use?

Alcohol and drug use will not be allowed on the property. Services will be offered to support people in addressing their addictions. Smoking is not allowed in the center, but in one designated area.

What are the hours for the Navigation Center?

The site will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are pets welcome?

Yes. Guests will be able to bring in animals that are well behaved, safe, and housebroken. The owner of the animal will be responsible for caring for, feeding, and cleaning up after the animal. Kennels will be provided and the Pongo Fund has agreed to provide pet food and services.

What rules will guests need to observe?

Be Safe.
No possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or weapons.
Smoking only in designated outdoor areas within the Navigation Center site.

Be Kind.
Don’t steal, destroy property, or litter in or around the Navigation Center o Assume responsibility to clean up in and around the center.

Be a Good Neighbor
Disruptive, threatening, and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated o No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or hate-speech o Guest will be removed for breaking the rules of operation, safety and welfare.

Guests who are unable to abide by rules and expectations may be excluded.

What will be the process for exiting a guest from the shelter for breaking the rules?

Staff will work directly with guests who are struggling to follow program expectations.

When necessary, guests may be asked to leave.

If a guest is unwilling or their behavior necessitates it, staff will call police for assistance.

How will safety issues be addressed?

The program will be adequately staffed 24/7.

The campus will be accessed through a secured gate and feature privacy fencing and security cameras.

Staff will conduct regular safety rounds inside the facility and on the campus, address safety and security issues, and hold guests accountable to the program’s rules and expectations.

Staff on site will be reachable 24/7 via a publicly-available cell phone number.

What services will be offered to guests?

Case management:
Housing-focused, 1:1 support to set short- and long-term housing goals and overcome housing barriers.

Case managers help guests get application ready, including obtaining ID and addressing past debt and legal issues, and provide direct housing placement assistance. Employment and benefit assistance:

Individual and group services to help guests identify opportunities for earned income and qualify for social security and VA benefits. Wellness Services:

Health-focused services that bridge the gap from shelter to community-based supports. Wellness staff and peer-supports connect guests with alcohol and drug treatment, mental health treatment, and primary care.

What amenities will be available onsite?

Onsite meals Bike parking Computer lab Pet relief area Gated courtyard Space for personal belongings.

Hygiene facilities including restrooms, showers, and laundry Private and group meeting spaces

The Structure
The double shell insulated membrane 60'x150’ structure will sit on a concrete pad and provide approximately 9,000 SF of dormitory style space.

Fabricated by Sprung, Inc., heated and air conditioned, and guaranteed to last at least 25 years.

Sprung structures are portable and used as shelters in San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle.