Oregon Harbor of Hope (OHOH) was founded by Homer Williams, a Portland real estate developer and businessman. Williams was inspired after a trip to San Antonio where he toured Haven for Hope, a homeless campus that delivers a centralized, compassionate and multi-service approach to the many difficulties facing San Antonio’s homeless population.

Williams and business activist Don Mazziotti quickly assembled a team to create Oregon Harbor of Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on developing special facilities featuring systems of care that meet the broad needs of the chronically homeless and unsheltered. These facilities, we’re calling − “safe harbors” − will be operated in partnership with the city, county, state agencies, and many nonprofit and faith-based groups.

“The city and county are working hard to address our crisis, but they cannot solve this problem alone. The private sector has to get involved to help turn this problem around. This is our city. This is our home. These are our homeless. We can make a huge impact and give people hope. They need our help.” − Homer Williams, founder of Oregon Harbor of Hope

Our charitable and educational mission is:

  • To address the diverse needs of the homeless population in Portland and surrounding community
  • To collaborate with organizations dedicated, in whole or in part, to addressing the needs of the homeless in the city and area
  • To inform the public, private and nonprofit sectors about the nature, extent and impacts of homelessness on the city and area

To date, we have raised over $400,000 in seed money and assembled an experienced, skilled, and passionate leadership team to bring this vision to reality. Oregon Harbor of Hope can truly and positively impact not only those suffering from homelessness, but also the city as a whole. Read on to learn how you can help.